Man With Two Souls (Introduction)

Directly below this post you will find the second of the three large graphic novels/visual narratives I intend to post to this site, ‘The Man with Two Souls.’  It was the first long-form work of this kind that I created, about an army of men lost in hell and what happens when they meet the incarnation of Death.  It has a mystical, William Blake type of poetic style to it.

The second visual narrative, ‘The Blue Shark,’ has already been posted.  The third I will be putting up very soon, it is going to be the primary focus here.  It is entitled ‘A Girl’s Misfortune.’  It’s erotic, gothic horror, and I’ll have a large portion of it available in the next few days.  I’ll be releasing it as chapters in monthly installments.

On a personal note thank you to all the bloggers who have interacted so positively with the site.  I’m still getting the hang of things, so thanks for all the encouragement.



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