A Girl’s Misfortune (Introduction)

There are three long-form visual narratives that I am making available to this site; ‘The Man With Two Souls,’ ‘The Blue Shark,’ and ‘A Girl’s Misfortune,’ of which the first three chapters are posted immediately below.  These three chapters make up the prologue to the piece.  There will be additional material released on a regular basis, as well as an ebook and slideshow version soon to come.

(If you would like to read ‘The Man With Two Souls’ or ‘The Blue Shark’ just click the tag ‘visual narrative’).

‘A Girl’s Misfortune’ is designed to be read like an illustrated novel and is written in the poetic style of 19th century gothic literature.  It is a dark, erotic tale of supernatural horror about a young girl whose parents have recently departed and, as the story begins, is being taken on a mysterious journey by her sister…



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