into the clouds 11

It wasn’t intentional, but I do think this figure looks a bit like Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melnibone…


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    • Thank you. The vast majority of the content on this site is derived from original photographs that I have altered and doctored in Photoshop. I used to be an independent filmmaker, so in some cases these images are stills that have been changed as well. The above image is a video still that I tweaked and abstracted.

      • Since I really think your stuff is cool and as I’m constantly looking for new techniques that I can use in my own work, I would like to learn how you do it, for example the one called “into the clouds 18”. Any tip you care to share?
        PS I’m new to blogging and not sure if a question like this is acceptable. If its not – just ignore it. DS

  1. It’s certainly a fair question. I won’t give away any trade secrets, but I would suggest trial and error with Photoshop. If I remember correctly that image was a fairly low resolution in the beginning and I just took it from there. I like to depreciate the integrity of the picture, and really bend it toward abstraction when I’m making the graphic novel type of pix. I hope this helps..? It’s a difficult process to describe.

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