Work Update

ship death yellow title b

Here’s one of the title pages/illustrations from a section of my upcoming visual narrative ‘Death To All Flesh.’ I’ve been kept busy working on various prints and posters lately, but have still been able to get some more visuals done. This will be part of another set of prints that I will make available at some point in the future.

I’ll also have another chapter of ‘A Girl’s Misfortune’ posted to this site very soon. ‘A Girl’s Misfortune’ is completely finished, but a spoken word performance version of it is in development,  so I’m trying to find the most appropriate method of releasing it on this site.   It runs ten chapters in its entirety, and is over 2000 pages long in its visual narrative iteration.  I’ll have another big chunk of it up here shortly.

In the meantime, I will most likely keep posting various art works like the one included with this post, in varying stages of development, so stay tuned…



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