‘A Girl’s Misfortune’ update (and more)

a girls mis alt

The third chapter of ‘A Girl’s Misfortune’ should be finishing up near the end of this month here on the site. I plan to continue running continuous content here from it, from chapter 4 (which is entitled ‘Consummation’) onwards.

When chapter 4 launches I’ll provide some more information as to the general outline and structure of the piece. There are ten chapters in all: Part One, which takes up the first six chapters, is, as the people who have been reading it have most likely surmised, an erotic, gothic melodrama. Part Two, which consists of chapters 7-10, is primarily pure gothic horror. The entirety of the work runs over 2000 pages, so it should run weekly through the end of the year, if not longer…

I will also continue to post some raw images from the Balclutha that I shot recently, probably with some of the altered images I have created from them. And I will continue to post more figurative work from ‘Death to All Flesh’ and various other works-in-progress. And I’ve been kept busy with some more printing projects, of which I will put some samples of here in the near future. Stay tuned.



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