Death To All Flesh excerpt 2

Here is a text-only sample from ‘Death To All Flesh,’ a work in progress visual narrative of mine, written in purple, poetic, nineteenth century style Gothic prose. It’s a supernatural horror tale in the mold of Poe, Lovecraft, Joseph Conrad.  I regularly post images that are intended for this work here on the site, but this is the pure text itself.

It’s still a long way from completion, and has grown considerably in size these past few months. It’s around 20,000 words at this point and counting, I believe.  A friend asked for an update, though, so I thought I would post a very small bit of it here.  The excerpt should speak for itself, it’s primarily about mood and tone, but for those who want to read more you can go to the following link:

from ‘Death To All Flesh.’


dtaf orange lo res


Cloaked in the native darkness
Of the tides

The souls of the dead and the damned
Have bewitched us.

They enter
Through the skins
Of the children

And take our wives as they please.

These devils,
They work to mutual effect,
United in form

All in one frenetic


Of flesh.

Unconcerned and unaccustomed
To gender, to race,

When manifested

They are a polyglot.

When they try on their altered forms

Slipping in and out of our carcasses
And our shades

Their infiltration and encroachment
Is profound.

Those they leave behind are husked
And soulless.

These spirits

All these debased and weightless things

Are joined together as one.

They force their way


Through a membrane, through a barrier

And take great license with our souls.

They leave

A harrowing

Embodiment behind

And their desires in the night

Undertake a scrupulous human form.


© 2013 Gregory H. Russell


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