Cavort Themselves Like Fawns…

Cavort Themselves Like Fawns

A fragment of a line of poetry from something I’m working on. The line when finished may turn into ‘DISPORT’ themselves like fawns, though I thought ‘cavort’ worked better with this image.

I’ve been kept busy writing recently, and haven’t been posting as many images as in the recent past, though more pix are in the pipeline, ready to roll alongside the weekly installments of ‘A Girl’s Misfortune.’ I’d prefer to have a lesser mix of works-in-progress up along with the more finished work, so that the site doesn’t merely become a process blog, as I feel sometimes the variations and experiments can tend to crowd out the visual narratives themselves.

So I may turn the site solely over to ‘A Girl’s Misfortune’ for a few weeks, depending on how much time I have to put up other visual material. I’ll have made up my mind by Friday…



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