A Girl’s Misfortune June 7

girls misfortune 0511

A page from this week’s installment of ‘A Girl’s Misfortune.’ You can read it in full at:


I’m going to start posting a page a day from ‘A Girl’s Misfortune’ here on the site starting tomorrow.

There are some nice visuals coming up, though the content of the storyline has taken a dark turn, and will remain that way for the time being. The next chapter will have a lighter tone, but until then, the theme and content of ‘A Girl’s Misfortune’ is intended and recommended for mature readers.



3 thoughts on “A Girl’s Misfortune June 7

  1. Wow, what great art these first few art. I love the movement, the lines, the intricate areas, etc. I’m an artist getting ready to do a blog and so I’m checking out what others are doing.

  2. Wow, really nice work in these first few pieces. Love the work being on black. Like the movement, the lines and the complex areas. Beautiful.

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