Announcements and Casting Call For Actors/Voice-Over Artists

I have a few announcements regarding my work to share with everyone. First, I am pleased to announce that I still have a limited number of framed prints hanging and available for sale at GF Wilkinson Books in the financial district of San Francisco. I believe there are four framed prints still at the bookstore, including this one, which people seem to like:

15. lateness of the hour bright

The bookstore gallery is located at 34 Trinity Place, between Bush and Sutter streets. The bookstore’s website is:

And I still have a few unframed prints available in the museum bookstore of the Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco. The bookstore is located at 655 Mission St, San Francisco 94105. I should have a table at the upcoming San Francisco Zine Fest this Labor Day, as well. I’ll have more information as the show draws near.

Lastly, I’m in the process of work-shopping some of my earlier visual narratives and turning them into performance pieces, and I am looking for a limited number of actors (located in San Francisco or the Bay Area only) who would be interested in reading the pieces live, to an accompanying slideshow of the visual narratives themselves. In other words, the actor will read the pieces on stage next to a slideshow of the images as they are projected.  I’ve had a few offers from bands and musicians to score the pieces, as well, but for now I’m just concentrating on finding the proper performers to read them first.

The primary visual narrative I am currently work-shopping is ‘The Man With Two Souls’.

another planet 1200 jan 2012002

The narrator for ‘The Man With Two Souls’ is male, and should have some gravitas and feeling for the work: it’s about an army of men lost in hell, so it’s very William Blake, gothic fantasy oriented. I’m also looking for a female actor to perhaps read the earlier portions of ‘A Girl’s Misfortune’ available elsewhere at this site: For ‘A Girl’s Misfortune’ I’m looking for a female with a proper and refined manner of speaking, like Cate Blanchett, Carey Mulligan, Maggie Cheung, etc. And the last visual narrative, ‘The Blue Shark’, is intended to be read by a male, and can be read in its entirety elsewhere on this site. Just go to the category ‘visual narratives’ and you can read it in full.

So let me know if you are a local actor/voice-over artist, have an affinity for the work, and would be interested in reading/performing in a public venue. Interested parties can message me a headshot, or preferably an online link to a piece that highlights your voice, etc. I’ve just started to consider the performance aspects of these pieces, I’ll keep people updated as things progress…



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