The Man With Two Souls 003

another planet 1200 jan 2012015

Here’s the very first page of content of ‘The Man With Two Souls.’ This beginning section was written using a variation of Brion Gysin’s (and William S. Burroughs’) cut-up technique. I’ll continue to post pages regularly.

My idea was to write a type of Robert E. Howard genre fiction, but with the mystical trappings of William Blake… I think it came out fairly well. I limited the cut-up technique, eventually. I’ll probably notate at certain points during this presentation, to let people into the decision-making and artistic process…

The visuals will soon begin to assume a greater precedence within the entirety of the image, as well. For people who haven’t read the preparatory matter elsewhere on this site, the story of ‘The Man With Two Souls’ is concerned with an army of men, lost in hell, and their struggle to return to the surface world.



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