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Gregory H. Russell is an award-winning former filmmaker who lives and works in San Francisco. Since 2010 he has been creating visual narratives, abstract graphic novels that utilize a combination of gothic and erotic literature in the manner of Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and the French Symbolists and decadents combined with a multi-media presentation of visual art and treated photography. He maintains a website at https://gregoryhrussell.wordpress.com/.

The visual narratives available to read in their entirety at his website include The Man With Two Souls, about an army of men lost in Hell and their terrifying journey back to the surface world; and The Blue Shark, about a wayfaring pirate who murders a courtesan and is exiled with her remains on a raft set out to sea, where they are attacked by a school of sharks: https://gregoryhrussell.wordpress.com/category/visual-narratives/

Gregory H. Russell’s current project is a long form gothic-erotic visual novel currently being serialized at his website entitled A Girl’s Misfortune. He is also the author of a small poetic narrative concerned with an occult and alchemical Japan called The Radiance of the City, which is an excerpt from another long-form work-in-progress, ‘Death To All Flesh.’

Recently he has created a series of Original Prints that derive from the imagery of his visual narratives, as well as Limited Edition stand-alone art work that is available via his website. For inquiries contact the artist or his representative at: grsface at yahoo dot com.

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