This Body, Richly Arrayed

This page is devoted to a new, ongoing series of text-heavy images and prints I am currently working on entitled ‘This Body, Richly Arrayed.’ I’ll post more information as to when the prints become available, and the project they are related to, here in the near future…


01 this body, richly arrayed

02 emotion is proclaimed

03 memory

04 the leaves

05 this mysterious interpretation

06 i find myself now at a crossroads

07 vindictive, disconcerting

08 the ground opens its mean cleft

09 a repetition

10 a repetition 2

11 the ground became unsettled

12 in time

13 impressions become heavier

14 unbidden and interwoven

15 it spreads across the water

16 between men and women

17 a single young heart, recognised

18 carries no weight

19.the arrangement

20.the hidden bride


5 thoughts on “This Body, Richly Arrayed

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